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Last month’s video promoting Tuesday’s golf match involving Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers included a previously-unreleased game of Jeopardy!

The very first answer was offered to Tom Brady: “He’s an NBA owner, a self-taught guitarist, and has guest starred in both The Office and Game of Thrones.

“He’s unhappy with his boss and has no options,” Brady said. “Who is Aaron Rodgers?

Rodgers laughed at the extra words from Brady and said, “That’s a projection, Tom. I never said I’m unhappy with my boss.”

Replied Brady with a laugh, “I said it, not you.”

Rodgers never said he’s unhappy with his boss. And to the extent that his immediate supervisor is coach Matt LaFleur, it’s true. But Rodgers clearly has a problem with the boss of the boss and/or the boss of the boss of the boss.

Also, note that Rodgers didn’t take issue with the rest of what Brady said about the Packers quarterback: He has no options.

But Rodgers does have options. Two of them. Play for the Packers or play for no one. Unless the Packers suddenly decide to trade Rodgers.