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Goat lottery planned to protect Hawaii historic park

To protect historic lands from invasive goats, Hawaii officials will distribute the live animals to the public via a lottery. Hawaii officials will hold the lottery as a way to

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Tom Brady pokes fun at Aaron Rodgers’ situation in a game of Jeopardy!

Last month’s video promoting Tuesday’s golf match involving Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady and Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers included a previously-unreleased game of Jeopardy! The very first answer was offered to

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Why vacations feel like they’re over before they even start

For many people, summer vacation can’t come soon enough—especially for the half of Americans who canceled their summer plans last year due to the pandemic. But when a vacation approaches,

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Shares of Meta Material, formerly Torchlight, reverse to trade down 20%

Shares of Meta Material Inc (MMAT.O) gave up premarket gains to fall 20% on Monday, the first day of trading after a merger that saw the niche hi-tech materials maker

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Google’s latest diversity report shows jump in departures among women of color

Google’s latest diversity report shows that despite some gains in the number of Black employees, the company is lagging in its goal to double the number of Black workers by

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Spectator takes swing of McIlroy’s club at Scottish Open

A spectator was escorted from the course at the Scottish Open on Friday after taking a club from Rory McIlroy’s bag and taking a few swings with it. The incident

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